NSE prescribes Afe Babalola University Engineering template for education in Nigeria

NSE prescribes Afe Babalola University Engineering template for education in Nigeria

The Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has declared Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti (ABUAD’s) engineering programme as a template for engineering education in Nigeria.

The declaration is predicated on the quantum of the modern, sophisticated and state-of-the-art equipment and teaching facilities from the US, Spain, England and Germany as well as the quality personnel of international repute manning the university’s engineering programme.

The NSE also noted that given the facilities, instructional aids and the lecturers on ground, the institution has set the pace for others to follow.

NSE team, led by the President, Isaac Olorunfemi, said this in Ado-Ekiti during a facility tour of the school’s College of Engineering.

Olorunfemi also said the institution could serve as the industrial hub of Ekiti State by liaising with relevant industries within and outside the country to make maximal use of its training equipment.

The NSE president, who said he was part of the team of the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) that came to the university sometime ago for accreditation of courses, gave kudos to the management for adding more equipment to what was on ground then.

“What we saw then was even more than enough and we still have more today. The facilities here are superb and no university in the country has such. Human resources are also great. The college here will be made a template for the teaching of engineering courses by NSE and COREN,” he said.

He called for priority attention to the agriculture sector, saying it could generate jobs faster than most sectors and help solve the problem of unemployment.

Founder of the school, Aare Afe Babalola (SAN) said the NSE endorsement was a further confirmation of the unanimous national and international recognition that ABUAD is not only a template, it is a model, benchmark and reference point in quality and functional education.

He said he has committed a lot of his hard-earned resources and his goodwill to the College of Engineering and indeed the whole University because of his avowed determination to produce engineers and other professionals that will be able to be relevant in the contemporary competitive job market.

He added that without engineering, there would be no civilisation.

“We are setting up an Industrial Park and our students will match theory and practical effectively. To encourage the study of agriculture, we have reduced tuition fees for agriculture students and they can work on school farms and earn income. When they graduate, we will support them to be on their own,” he said.

Source: Guardian


  1. Ingeniereing means, “Working with One’s Mind (or Brain)”. Physical practicals are rarely of critical necessity.
    Practicals are only reserved for concepts that could not be easily understood in class explanations; else, practicals are strictly Case Study applications. The technique used in the ingeniereing of one technology can be used in another completely unrelated one.
    There is no law, rule, or legislation that reserves a particular technique or technology to a particular use. Fulling a house with exortic equipment may get students to think such settings must always be available before one can practise the profession. This is the unfortunate situation we find in contemporary Ingerian cum African society where infrastructural jobs that require professional attention on know-how are ignorantly but erronously given in full as contract to one foreign contractor who has bundle of borrowed equipment or local one with backbones in high places (when considered of no consequence).
    On more than a few occasions, the project is either done incorrectly and keeps killing users or the contractor vaporizes or sublimes to nowhere. We should emphasize the basic or original implication of the ingenious profession in any training intended for ingeniers.


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