Aregbesola Has Turned Osun Into A Modern State, Say COREN, NSE President

Aregbesola Has Turned Osun Into A Modern State, Say COREN, NSE President
The President of the Council for the Regulation Engineering in Nigeria, (COREN), Engineer Kashim Ali; and his counterpart in the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE), Engineer Ademola Isaac Olorunfemi, have commended the Governor of Osun State, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola for transforming the state into a modern one despite pausity of fund from the Federation Account.
The duo spoke in Osogbo during the inauguration of Engineer Adeniran Ibitoye Kilomodemo as the 16th Chairman of the Osogbo branch of the NSE and dinner held in their honour by the state government held at the Government House, Osogbo.
The COREN president stated that Aregbesola had performed a miracle in transforming the state into modern construction site with durable infrastructure development despite the poor allocation accruing to the state from the Federation Account. As at the last allocation disbursed, Osun has been relegated to the 36th position on the Federal Allocation table.
According to Engineer Alli, “when I visited Osun in 2009, it was a village but now, Ogbeni Aregbesola has turned the state into a modern one which can compete more than favourably with any of its contemporaries in the country.
Aregbesola Has Turned Osun Into A Modern State, Say COREN, NSE President
And it is a miracle that this was achieved in spite of the very low allocation the state is getting from the Federation Account”.
Speaking earlier at the inauguration of the Engineering Regulation Monitoring (ERM) inspectorates for Osogbo, Ilesha and Ile-Ife zones, the COREN president had berated the Federal Government for ceeding the major sectors of the nation’s economy in the hands of foreigners.
According to him, allowing locally-based engineers in construction matter will lead to technical advancement of the country.
On his part, the NSE president, Engineer Olorunfemi heaped lots of praises and encomium on Aregbesola for the rapid development of the state.
According to him, his relationship with Governor had convinced him that Aregbesola is a man who is so passionate about human development and creation of wealth for the common man, “so I’m not really surprised at his great achievements”.
The NSE’s Chief inspector, Engineer A. Adebayo stated that the ERM inspectors were inaugurated to ensure that buildings are constructed with the quality standard meant to put a stop or totally reduced cases of building collapse in the state as well as stamp out quackery from the engineering profession in the country.
Aregbesola Has Turned Osun Into A Modern State, Say COREN, NSE President
He assured of the determination of the society to phase out quackery in engineering so as to put an end to building collapse.
Also speaking at the ERM inauguration, the Osun State Governor, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, who was represented by his Deputy, Mrs. Grace Titi Laoye-Tomori described engineering as a home of brilliance which always place engineers in an hallowed ground in the society.
Aregbesola urged the newly inaugurated inspectors of the Engineering Regulation Monitoring (ERM) to be good ambassadors of their profession telling them that they have been entrusted with task because they have been deemed as being capable of doing it.
The Governor also stated that he hoped that the ERM inauguration will contribute positively to the state internally generated revenue (IGR), adding that with the inauguration of the body, quackery will be a thing of the past in the engineering profession in the state.
Aregbesola advised the inaugurated ERM inspectors to be of good conduct and good role model bearing in mind Osun State blazed the trail in the inauguration of the ERM inspectors.
Mrs. Laoye-Tomori directed the attention of the people to the achievement of the state government having constructed over 1,000 kilometers of roads within three years which she said materialized due to the engineering knowledge possessed by the state Governor.
“We are therefore not discouraged by rapid retrogession we are witnessing from the federal allocation. The state government is committed to making life better for the people and we will not relent in ensuring that dividends of democracy get to our people even at the doorsteps,” the Osun Deputy Governor said.
Members of the newly inaugurated ERM and the presidents of both COREN and NSE later inspected some ongoing constructions in the state which they confirmed satisfaction with their standard.
The inauguration of Engr Adeniran Ibitoye Kilomodemo as the 16th Chairman of Osogbo Branch of the NSE was performed by the president of the society, Engr Ademola Olorunfem.
He eulogised the new Chairman for his steadfastness and commitment to the society anointing him publicly with a Bible quote that “this is my true son whom I am well pleased with”.
The COREN president also told the gathering that Engr Adeniran Ibitoye deserved all the encomiums showeredd on him because he has worked well to attain the position.
“The Governor himself, who is a fellow of the body, in his own words described Kilomodemo as loyal, dependable and trustworthy. He said the new chairman is a promising child that need to be watched closely as tools for success. Need we say more,” the COREN president concluded.
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  1. One thing the Federal Government of Nigeria does not realize is that these foreign contractors are handworkers and can never replace the need for Ingeniers who are brainworkers.
    Most of the jobs they deliver are fake. Sometimes I wonder if they carry Ingeniers to such projects during commissioning.
    I was looking at some road projects recently completed in the country’s capital and found it was a death-trap and disaster-in-waiting.
    When people die on such roads, they would say it’s from the village.
    Assessing some of the equipment they bought for the military, I found they were generically faulty. No wonder insurgents are running over troops and sacking battalions of trained soldiers.
    The earlier we learn to carry competent Ingeniers during Defence Procurements, the better for everybody.


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