When I was much younger, I thought leadership was an easy going thing. We were quick to dictate pace for our leaders, accuse them of wrong doings, insult them and say whatever we liked behind their backs. Now, I am playing a major role in NIMechE and I see it as a different ball game though in this case, no much financial incentives were allocated to us.

From my experience as a student leader, leadership is all about satisfying your subjects. In this case, you are the servant. No wonder, they said “a leader is a servant”, now I can imagine what the person that defined a leader ‟as a true servant” would have undergone.

As a student leader, I was forced to give the same measure to my education, as well as the Institution I represent. It has not been easy for me, thank God I survived it. I could remember the day I suffered from Malaria that I had to force myself to jump out of the sickness all because I have an unfinished work I had to finish within a specified time which had almost elapsed.

Having been through all these, thank God that with the combined efforts of everyone concerned we have been able to propagate NIMechE to students across the Nation. Being the frontiers of Engineering and National development in the country is not an easy task, and ensuring that all students are carried along made the task tougher. To some students it is nonsense, to some none of their concern, to some a way Institutions extort money from them while others show non interest or less concerns, I can recall the day I promised to pay 2/3 of an undergraduate registration fee for NIMechE, still yet he showed no interest but thank God with my persistence call on him he is now a member.

Leaders indeed as they are called, we have to in most of the cases force people to do things that will benefit them at the long run. I sometimes wish the Political arena of the country Nigeria is just the way I feel it as a student leader, where leadership will be a thing of trust, sincerity, accountability, servant ship, desire and willingness to work, a circle where financial benefits derived from holding political positions will be a tertiary thing and an arena where political leaders will be the servant of their subjects.

For the past few months I have being the National Student President of NIMechE, a lot has been achieved at both the National and student chapter level of NIMechE.

New student chapters of NIMechE have been formed thanks to the efforts all executives of NIMechE, state chapter chairmen NIMechE past and current NIMechE- NSF executives.

Submission of entries for NIMechE Project competition is still ongoing thanks to our sponsors who have ensured that projects embarked on by student members of NIMechE are been showcased to the world.

Seminars and mini seminars, excursions and technical sessions have been held in various schools to deepen the understanding of students in schools like Obafemi Awolowo University Ile Ife (OAU), Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi (ATBU) and many other Student Chapters who are putting things in place to hold theirs, thanks to the effort and contributions of the State Chapter Chairmen and efforts of the student Presidents.

Massive membership drive is still ongoing in schools like University of Uyo, Akwa Ibom; University of Agriculture (UAM), Markurdi; Bayero University Kano (BUK) etc, Thanks to the effort of all the student Presidents of the Mechanical Departments in the Institution, state chairmen of NIMechE and Lecturers in those departments.

We have been able to place students looking for IT placement in industries for their training, get Internships programs for our graduate members in companies like Dangote Sugar Refinery, Lekki Construction, Ocean Global, Krystal Laurel and so many other places within the country for training on specific fields of Mechanical Engineering. Placement for IT and Internship Program is still on-going for the students and Graduate members. Thanks to the National Executives of NIMechE, State Chairmen and the companies that have absorbed the students and Graduates for their training.

All these are in the efforts of ensuring the propagation of Mechanical Engineering to effectiveness. We have only started and not much has been achieved but we pray to God for the strength and Grace to do the needed thing so as to cover all Higher Institutions of learning offering Mechanical Engineering with this few months we have to serve.

Patrick Andrew Adeize is the former President of National Student Forum of NIMehE


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