valedictory Speech by Engr Ayo Fanimokun, 10th National chairman of NIMechE


To Almighty God be the Glory, Great things HE hath done.

It is to my delight that this day has eventually come to enable me drop one of the many togas that I am presently putting on. History is being made because the future of our Institution is being shaped with the inauguration of the 11th National Chairman.

It all seems like yesterday when on Thursday, 15th of March, 2012, at about this hour when I took the oath of office as the 10th National Chairman of our great Institution. It is the grace of the Everlasting God that has spared our lives to see this day and to be in such good health as to witness another phase in the metamorphosis of our history.

You would all agree with me that at the time I took office, the task was overwhelming even with the fact that the foundation then has to be strengthened and bearing in mind that the guiding light had to be re-illuminated; and of course the expectations of members from us as the leaders.

The strength of every concern such as ours as we all know is hinged on the quality of membership and it’s numerical strength. I am proud to say that we are blessed with a good number of excellent Members, who are always ready to work for the betterment of the Institution. This is responsible for the modest successes we have continued to record.

Our membership has continued to grow in terms of number and quality at an impressive rate. We are continuously appreciative of the encouragement and support received from both senior members and others towards the growth of the Institution. The level of participation of our members has continued to grow a great deal, so also is the fraternity we share in this Institution. We can only pray that the economic climate continues to improve to enable our members play their roles to the fullest.

With the cooperation of all, we have continued to make substantial impact and have become a medium by which the message and programmes of the Institution are taken even to the Students in our Universities and Polytechnics.

All our activities were pursued with the aim of projecting this slogan “Building and Fostering an Excelling Mechanical Engineering Culture”. Moreover, this has been our emphasis in the pursuit of Membership Drive, Continuous Professional Development, Entrepreneurship Skills, Codes & Standards and Strategic International Network that has seen the Institution excelling in these areas.

It is our prayers that we shall continue to consolidate on the gains of the past years, as the Institution is looking forward to focus on the activities that will further ensure the mobilization of members of all grades towards achieving a dynamic and trail blazing Institution.

We sincerely hope to also continue to commit in the pursuance of excellence in all our undertakings as an Institution and maintain very close contact with the Governments of the day and make our presence more felt in our neighbourhood, Local Governments and Government Parastatals through collaboration.

Engr. Prof Adisa Bello FNSE, FNIMechE who is being investitured today as the 11th National Chairman has played a very significant role within the Institution, especially in the Academia where he has assisted in shaping the future of many graduates at different points in time, some of whom are members and even Executive members today.

The leadership qualities of Engr. Prof Adisa Bello FNSE, FNIMechE have never been in doubt as can be seen in his decisive role in the handling of various assignments within the Institution, especially as a worthy Deputy. His ability to lead by example is a key success factor in ensuring team cohesion and unwavering focus on performance targets. Most especially, he possesses the virtue of integrity, without which leadership would be hollow and manipulative. Judging from the experience that he has garnered over the years, the Institution will benefit greatly from his sterling leadership.

First and Foremost I wish to thank Almighty God who has piloted our affairs all these years and without HIM, whatever little achievements recorded would not have been possible.

I want to use this opportunity to thank all well-meaning senior members especially the Elders for their words of encouragement at all stages of our activities.

I cannot forget the efforts of all the committed members of various committees who have always supported and contributed to the success of our activities.

My sincere appreciation goes to the Executive Committee members for the supportive work done during my tenure in the management of the Institution.

I want to thank you all for what has been an eventful, successful and cooperative tenure because without your mandate there would have been no way for me to serve you. It has been a great fulfilment for me to have the opportunity to serve you.

Finally, in the words of great men, I would want to remind us that our best is yet to come. I know we have the potential, ability and determination to make this Institution remain as the best, so I implore you all to give your best to the new EXCO that is coming to office today.

I wish our Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers more successful years ahead and God’s blessings.

Thank you.


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