Days in the Life of Civil Engineers

Days in the Life of Civil Engineers

The only constant in the professional lives of civil engineers is that they never have typical days. Every day is different, bringing new challenges and unique demands, and the nature of these demands varies according to the specialization and seniority of the engineer. On the other hand, most report they work in teams, the spend time on things not necessarily well described in their titles, they concern themselves with continuing education and their networking part of the time, and women and minorities report a better environment than may once have been the norm in engineering.

Virtually all engineers spend some part of every day doing some routine administrative tasks, and newly-graduated engineers may be surprised to find they will most likely file, type, send e-mail, make phone calls, take notes in meetings, and many other ordinary chores.

Teams and Co-workers

Almost all jobs in civil engineering require some sort of interaction with co-workers. Whether they are working in a team situation, or just asking for advice, most engineers have to have the ability to communicate and work with other people.

Tasks and Titles

Civil engineers have a wide array of speciality areas to choose from. The titles civil engineers hold are far more broad than most people know and their duties are even more diverse.

Women and Minorities

Once engineering was predominantly a field belonging to males, as were most professionals in the western world. This is arguably no longer the case, although there is still progress to be made. In the case of women, the percentage of engineering bachelor’s degrees has been on the rise.

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