The state of the profession

Fellow Engineers,
Let me first begin by saying that I a sorry that though I was one of the foundation members of this group, I have not been able to contribute to the group until today. I went to the group and I found out that some many of our members are either angry or frustrated with the profession. While some, mostly young Engineers has been pouring out their frustrations and blame the NSE and COREN for their woes.

I want you to indulge me by letting me remind those of you who compare our profession with Law, Medicine and Banking that we are missing a vital point. All over the world, Engineers has to battle the same problems. However, unlike in this part of the world, we have government that will not listen, industries that is not functioning and people that are ultra-negative in their approaches to the problems they are facing as a professionals.

I am one of those privileged to have been on board of NSE Branch executives for more than three years, and in my time, I was also privileged to have served COREN in some capacities as a fringe officer. I can assure you that our leaders are not sleeping and they are not ignoring the plight of younger generation of engineering. The problem is not created by NSE or COREN. We are the creators of the problems. We are all selfish and has not been proactive in pursuing our rights.

I overheard a friend saying that Engineers should go on strike to push their positions. I also am aware that some group with myopic vision thing talking tough will actually solve the problems. Engineers in Nigeria can go on strike for a year, and nothing will happen to the country as long as there are foreigners willing to import cheaper products! We are going to lose!
So what is the way out? How can we lift up our profession? What can we do to ensure that Engineers are respected like other professionals?
I challenge you to join the discussion and let is brainstorm together. Your input will not be a waste as I intend to do something positive with them.
Join us on the this discussion forum and let us see what

Be informed that abusing other people is strongly detested. Let us discuss intellectually and come up with a solution that we believe will restore the Integrity of Nigerian Engineers. No hold barred but insulting others or abusing others is strictly prohibited.

Isqil Najim


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