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We cannot destroy the House we collectively Built, NSE is the way – Onyokoko

A former Chairman of NSE Asaba and Fellow of Nigerian Society of Engineers, Engr A.O. Onyokoko has counselled members who nurse grievance against the society over the botched Extraordinary General Meeting, EGM earlier in Abuja to sheath their sword and resolve their grievance amicable.

He said this in a message directed at the Branch and members in Southern zone while counselling members who felt aggrieved over the inconclusive EGM earlier held in Abuja where the society had wanted to amend its rule over leadership zoning.

While acknowledging there are bound to be dispute in any organisation, he used a parable of husband and wife under same roof to drive home his point.

“Consider this scenario: a husband is offended gets angry and walks out to avoid collateral damages; a wife is offended, gets angry and gets emotional and destroys all that both of them jointly built together over time. Or vice versa. Which would you consider a wiser decision.” He questioned.

He noted that the contentious issue of rotational presidency many not have arise if the engineers have been dutifully attending Annual General meetings. noting that “The problem is our lackadaisical attitude towards this annual event. It is very feasible to have a South-South president without the zoning being canvassed.”

“I can see about 242 registered engineers in Asaba Branch.On a regional level, I’m sure we have over 2,000 registered engineers in Edo, Delta, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa-Ibom and Cross Rivers States combined. If so, it then means that with 50% attendance, we will achieve a MAJORITY status in NSE.” He observed.

While acknowledging that the zone is upset about the handling of the EGM and the issues raised by members, he said the alternative to dispute resolution cannot be a new association or staying away from NSE. Saying this is tantamount to throwing the baby away with the bathwater

He reminded members that NSE founding President in person of Late Chief Aiwerioba is from South South and therefore the Zone cannot afford to pull down an association he actively planned, built and fully a part of.

“Let us even look back at the history of NSE. Who built the house called NSE? Engr Aiwerioba from the Midwest turned Bendel and now Edo & Delta States championed the cause of establishing this Noble professional body. Do we then destroy the house that we planned and collectively built?? He asked.

“As a past Chairman of this great branch, I feel I owe it a duty to air my candid opinion especially on the issue of seceding from NSE to form a parallel Engineering body. Time is a great healer. Within two months from now, the current leadership of the NSE would have become history.” He counselled.

“As for me, I choose not to follow the call for the formation of a separate Engineering body besides the NSE. I remain a member of the Nigerian Society of Engineers. This is my decision,It is my choice. We rather mend this broken fence before we regret our action and inaction.” He concluded

It will be recalled that following the inconclusive EGM earlier in Abuja, a section of NSE members have threatened to stay away from the Association while some have muted possibility of a new body.

Earlier in the year, the Edo Engineers have however dissociated themselves from the plan as they collectively resolved after emergency meeting to not only stay loyal to NSE but also attend the NSE events, and table their position directly. The communique released to MYEngineers signed by the NSE Benin instead called for more supports for the NSE and expressed optimism that the association will resolve its internal issues as a family.

“All Edo Engineers have therefore resolved to stand and continue to strengthen NSE National for the betterment of Nigerian engineers and Engineering. ” They said.

“If any persons feel aggrieve with NSE headquarters ,they should embrace dialogue and resolve it through internal mechanism in a constructive way.” The communique said.

“Edo engineers will therefore continue to support the National body and also resolved participate fully in all activities by the NSE Headquarters including the coming International Conference and General Meeting in kano.” They concluded.

You can read about the Communique HERE
We cannot destroy the House we collectively Built, NSE is the way - Onyokoko

The Nigerian Society of Engineers was first established in London, England on the 6th of February, 1958 with Engr. Chief G.O Aiwerioba as President and Engr. Chief T. Teju Oyeleye as Secretary. Approximately a year later a Branch of the Society was established at Abeokuta on the 18th of January, 1959 followed shortly afterwards by the establishment of the National Secretariat in Lagos with Engr. Chief Adeniyi Williams as President and Engr. Chief G.O Aiwerioba as Secretary. The Society was formally inaugurated in Lagos on the 20th of August, 1960 by the Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, ir Abukakar Tafawa Balewa.

Report compiled by Isqil Najim

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  1. Happy that so many voices are speaking against seceding from the NSE. I would rather prefare we condemn in totality the turn-by-turn Presidency proposal as that is most unprofessional and would finally bury Engineering.
    However; it is worth asking that the profession should restrategize. It is not wrong that the NSE should have a parallel. The reason being that the NSE is suffering its own monopoly due to lack of competition.
    We still conduct monthly meetings like when there was no internet. Other professional bodies have embraced official meetings on the net where issues are discussed one topic at a time. All their members, registered or not, are admitted into such deliberations and resolutions are taken there-in.
    One important initiative the NSE should take is to change her succession procedure. Those with the right ideas should lead the park and be focussed on serving the need of ingeniers.
    NSE should have a Consult that partners all ingeniers and strictly for business.
    It wont be out of place for the NSE to have a CPE.


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