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Shafii Usman Succeeds Mariam Obomeghie as Auchi Branch Chairman

The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Auchi Branch has elected new officials to pilot their affairs of the Branch in the next one year with a new Chairman emerging in person of Engr Shafii Usman Muhammad, an Electrical Engineer. He will succeed Engr Mrs Mariam Obomeghie, as the 3rd Chairman of the Branch.

Engr Obomeghie, the first female Chairman of the Branch has embarked on building on the young Branch as second Chairman. Her tenure also witness the institution of the Annual Kashim Abdul Ali Distinguished Lecture series, in conjunction with the Edo University Iyemho as part of the efforts are promoting Industry Academic partnership as well as contributing to the public Policy. The Branch also experienced increased activities in other areas both socially and professionally within the two years she served. And what is more, the Branch under her tenure also formalized its process of having its own secretariat.

She advised the new leadership to hit the ground running and not only build on the existing legacies but also leave the Branch better than they are meeting it.

Engr Obomeghie expressed her confidence in the executive members under the leadership of Engr Shafii and counselled that while there may be challenges ahead, the key to success is perseverance and commitment.

“I want you to know that only those who are able to stand fit and strong to finish the race receive the reward. What you need to be successful in your respective office is commitment and perseverance. If you are committed and persevere, I believe you will come out successful at the end of your tenure and your results would be emulated. I believe you all have what it takes to take our Branch to greater height.” She Said.

“I love you all and I am very grateful for all your useful ideas, suggestions and encouragement which has propelled this Branch to greater heights.” She concluded.

The new chairman, Engr Usman Shafii Muhammad is an former Deputy General Manager, Ajaokuta Steel Company Limited where he worked for 22 years, having joined as Medical Laboratory Assistant in 1987 before resigning to join Auchi Polytechnics in 2009 in order to contribute to the development of the community.

He joined Nigerian Society of Engineers in 2008 and served NSE Ajaokuta Branch before joining Auchi Branch at its founding.

He is the Head of Department Electrical Division at Works and Maintenance Department, Auchi Polytechnics.

Engr Shafii is the Daudu of Idane Yele Uwa Village in Auchi Sacred Kingdom. He is happily married with children.

Other members of the new executive committee are:

Engr Inusa Yusuf – Vice Chairman
Engr Mrs Okun Patricia – General Secretary
Engr Dr Otokhain Kelvin – Financial Secretary
Engr. Ebenezer Ojenike – Publicity Secretary
Engr Okafor M – Technical Secretary
Engr Idemuza Jacob – Assist Tech Secretary
Engr Sanni Mohammed – Treasurer
Engr Omoaghalen AbdulRahman Ex-Officio 2
Engr Mrs. Obomeghie M. A Ex-officio 1

Shafii Usman Succeeds Mariam Obomeghie as Auchi Branch Chairman

Shafii Usman Succeeds Mariam Obomeghie as Auchi Branch Chairman
Shafii Usman Succeeds Mariam Obomeghie as Auchi Branch Chairman

NSE Auchi Branch Elects Engr Obomeghie as its First Female Chair


By Isqil Najim


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