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Celebrating Ahmed Lekan, The ballon Dor’ of NSE

When i first met Engr kazeem, all he talk about is Engineering and Engineering and more engineering. I can not remember the last time we talk about Politics or even religion. if it is not engineering then it will be young engineers’ development…. So passionate about this profession and so willing and yet humble and ready to play his part.

No surprise therefore that in years to follow, he has immense himself deeply in the service of engineering through the Ilorin branch. Trusted, tested and certified, they nickanmed him “ballon dor of NSE” for his many vibrant engagements and sacrifices and team work.

This easy going and humble young Engr Ahmed lekan Kazeem has only few days ago been re-elected the General Secretary of NSE Ilorin Branch and just two weels after being elected Vice Chairman NIMechE Ilorin chapter.

Born on 8 September, Engr Kazeem is a graduate of mechanical engineering with his engineering experience starting right from his SIWES at LUBCON Nigeria Limited, to British International Water Limited and later kwara State Water Corporation.

Between 2012 and today he has attended not less that 7 National conferences and had attended so many National events including COREN assembly, hardly miss the engineering events in Ilorin. Under him as the Publicity Secretary of NSE Ilorin, the Branch wore a new look and worked tirelessly behind the scene to ensure the Branch’s visibility and constructive engagements with the public.

For his many services and commitments, he was awarded Chairman meritorious Services award for projecting the image of NSE Ilorin Branch and won the best Serving Exco of the Year Award twice at the Branch,

he had also been issued Award of Excellence by his community, Agaka Development Forum in ilorin. and won so many awards. he has had the privilege of representing his branch at the NSE National Council meeting. Such was the trust and commitment he enjoyed.

Engr Lekan is a shining example of what young engineers can achieve if they participate in the system rather than complain and lament. And as proverb rightly noted: “Seest thou a man diligent in his work? He shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men”

On this ground, we at My Engineers recognize him as one of our fine young professionals serving this country and making impacts and use this opportunity to wish Happy Birthday. Many Happy Returns.

Celebrating Ahmed Lekan, The ballon Dor' of NSE

Celebrating Ahmed Lekan, The ballon Dor' of NSE
ENgr Lekan Kazeem with Former President of NSE, Engr Olorunfemi Isaac
Celebrating Ahmed Lekan, The ballon Dor' of NSE
Engr Lekan with Aare Afe babalola

Celebrating Ahmed Lekan, The ballon Dor' of NSE

Celebrating Ahmed Lekan, The ballon Dor' of NSE
Engr Lekan Kazeem receiving Award as best Exco member from Engr Margaret Oguntala, former Vice President of NSE.


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