We have received a special invitation to bid for a research grant by the Volvo Research and Educational Foundation

The overall aim of the research grant is to improve research capacity and
awareness for the development of sustainable urban mobility in Sub-Saharan Africa. This initiative focuses on low and zero carbon transport that increases accessibility, safety, affordability and equity in the provision of urban transportation systems in our cities.

For the avoidance of doubt, Transportation Growth Initiative (TGI) is an intermodal transportation organization founded by government agencies relating to transport, and also academic and research institutions with a mandate in related disciplines. TGI is engaged in transport research, human capacity development, promotion of best practices and networking of stakeholders in the transportation sector of the Nigerian economy.

In another related development,the partnership is also urging members to participate in the forth coming 2nd International Mobility Dialogue in Berlin as the slot for a 10 member delegation of Nigerian Engineers and policy makers has been negotiated and secured. Please note that Early Bird Registration will attract some exciting incentives.

Transportation Growth Initiative (TGI) Partners NIMechE on“MOBILITY AND ACCESS IN AFRICAN CITIES”


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