By Ekejiuba Kingsley Daberechi.

While every “Common Man” or Ordinary Man on the street can quote that “judiciary is the last hope of the common man”, every one(not in the common man bracket) who dares to take a step in furthering democratic knowledge should know that the true hope of the common man is the legislature.
Before I take you through the logic behind this well calculated argy-bargie, in a bid to escape some hair ruffling from prospective and current Senior Advocates of Nigeria, let me recount an experience; one I had during my most recent visit to the land of great people(Isuikwuato), my home.

It was one of my frequent journeys from Umuahia to Isuikwuato but this time, I decided to go through Nunya-Eluama road since Amuta-Umuokogbue-Umuobiala road is a farce and Erosion has successfully divided Campus-Ogboro road just like the magestic rod of moses divided the red sea.
This singular road which passed through Nunya in Isuikwuato L.G.A. was initiated by the Government of Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu as Governor and completed by the Government of Sen. T.A Orji some 6years ago. Going through this road, one will wonder why a professional contractor who should be conscious of the longetivity of his construction build a road situated in the south eastern part of Nigeria with the vivid evidence of annual heavy downpour and not construct waterways(Gutters).

It is almost criminal to think that any road in this part of the world will stand the test of time without proper drainage. While we continue to clamour for improved road network, we must ensure that every road constructed is built with adequate water drainage system.
Why spend billions on projects that cannot fulfill their purpose?
The high national demand for road infrastructure means that it’s almost impossible for a particular contract to be awarded twice hence the need to ensure that every job done here is done excellently with a warranty of some sort.


Considering these challenges which are not peculiar to Abia State, It is imperative that the state houses of Assembly of the 36states and the National Assembly enact laws which would sanction any contractor who constructs any grade of road without proper drainage. In fact, these contractors should be charged to court and their licences revoked.

Yes! It is that serious.

We cannot continue to waste our scarce resources.

We are not just saddled with a need and the responsibility to build the Nigeria of our dreams, we are enmassed with the responsibility to build a Nigeria that will last and the Legislature has a big role to play in this responsibility.


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