The Director General of the National Automotive Design and Development Council, (NADDC), Jelani Aliyu (MFR), said the acquisition of technological skills and knowledge that can sustain national development must be acquired at an early age.

He said it was important to inculcate the young ones with skills that will make them innovate, independent and technology savvy, pointing out by doing so that Nigeria will be placed on the forefront of sustainable economic growth and development.

Speaking in Abuja when he delivered a career talk on the Importance of a Universal and Advanced National vision, and also demonstrate how his innovation, the Chevrolet Volt Electric Car works to the Students of Baptist High School in Abuja, the NADDC Director General said such move will inspire students and the young ones to pursue advanced technology careers that will drive national development.

The NADDC Boss said embracing the knowledge and application of science and technology at an early age will go a long way in enhancing national growth, pointing out that development would be difficult to achieve without the application of modern technology.

Explaining that the difference between Africa and the developed nations was the acquisition and application of technology early in life, the NADDC Director General said that the neglect of science and technology may affect Nigeria’s economic growth and development.

Jelani Aliyu, who is a car designer of global repute, said the importance of a universal and advanced national vision cannot be overemphasized, pointing out nations with such visions places great premiums on impacting the young ones with adequate and relevant technological skills.

As part of the event, the Director General showed and demonstrated to the students the Chevrolet Volt Electric car that he had designed, urging them to work and surpass those achievements.


  1. The difference between Africa and developed countries is the responsibility of their governments, not acquisition and application of technology.
    Technology means “know-how” – (technos – techniques or how thing are done, Logos – knowledge or study).
    Acquiring technology early in life would entail knowing how things work from childhood. Growing up in the Nigerian society, we played with fan, torchlight, and sundry other constructions.
    Much as we did these things ourselves, after watching others do it, we never knew how they worked.
    I personally built my first plane which never flew, because I never saw it from anyone.
    To that end we never had the know-how.
    Only functional Ingeniers – not certificate holders or owners- can develop how things work, not children!


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