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Explore Various opportunities in Waste Management System, NIMechE Advises

The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, Ibadan Chapter has advised the country leadership to tap into various opportunities in waste management industry and collaborate for effective waste disposal.

This was stated in the last technical Session which held at the TETFund Building, Faculty of Engineering at the University of Ibadan, in Oyo State.

Presenting the keynote address at the event, which was chaired by the chairman of the Chapter, Engr. Akeem Ghazali, was Engr Joseph A. Alabi who presented paper on “Waste Management System in Nigeria- Prospect and Challenges.”

The session comprises engineers, academics, and young engineers

In his opening remarks, the NIMechE Ibadan chapter chairman, Engr. Akeem Ghazali said the aim of the Technical Session is to create a platform where mechanical engineers come together to discuss and interact on issues facing the society as well as to deliberate on different strategic ways to curb the raising challenges as engineers.

While speaking on the topic “Waste management system in Nigeria prospects and challenges “, the Guest Speaker, who is also the General manager of solid and waste management Oyo State, Engr. Joseph Alabi stated that one of the fundamental issues that require adequate attention and obviously which can’t be shield away is the activities of man towards wastes management which ranges from waste generation, waste collection, waste disposal and transportation.

He explained that, the major sources of wastes generated in Nigeria are from the domestic, commercial and industrial premises and comprises both organic and inorganic materials. He said the waste collection is one of the chains in wastes management system which also include transportation, disposal, etc.

Further, he outlined the complete process of waste management in Nigeria and also dwell on sorting, recovery, and recycling of wastes.

He noted however that Nigeria has not fully embrace sanitary landfill process as most operators merely engage in open dumping system without compacting. he explained that Sanitary landfill involves buying or compacting the wastes while such wastes are covered with stable materials like sand and laterites.

He pointed out the various waste prospects in wastes management system and their economic benefits as well as environmental benefits. from recycling, to treatment and conversion to alternative energy, Engr Joseph pointed out system is a veritable income generation goldmine and capable of creating employment and also enhance industrialization while boasting small and medium businesses.

he noted however there are various challenges mitigating against achieving and reaping from this many benefits in wastes management system Engr. Alabi stated that some activities such as wrong attitude of people toward wastes, lack of proper enforcement strategies, lack of enabling environment, as well as inadequate funds from the government and lack of basic integrated technology

However, advised that there is the need for the society to have effective waste management system which in turn has social, financial benefits and economic values; among which are eradication of communicable disease, revenue generation, enhancement of industrialization, employment generation, boost small and medium scale businesses, as well as eradicate of flood and water pollution and many more.

He concluded that having effective management system is the interest of the collective society.

The meeting had in attendance some prominent personalities among which are the NIMechE chairman, Engr Akeem Ghazali, The NIMechE Ibadan vice chairman, The general secretary Engr Ogunreti NimechE, other NimechE Ibadan Executives, NIMechE TPI Chapter President, Com. Mufutau Olalekan Yusuf and NIMechE student chapters member.

Report compiled by Muftau Olalekan.


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