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COREN president, Kashim Ali counsels youths to develop their potential and be good ambassador of their community

Engr Kashim Ali introducing some distinguished Female Engineers role models from North Central

The president, Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria, COREN,Engr Kashim Ali had counselled youths to develop their potentials. He said this during the “invent it build it’ programme organised by NNPC/APWEN in Kogi State recently during his speech to the gathering school children and dignitaries.

Nothing that engineering is a course for people with imagination and is not restricted to male alone, he said that the only sacrifice needed to be successful in Engineering is hard work and attention to details.

This he said, is because a single mistake in a design, like building automobile, aircraft, and other engineering works may be fatal to the users. Hence no detail is insignificant when it comes to Engineering. ‘With such capacity along with science education, you are on your way to becoming an engineer.’ He said.

“All of you here have potential, one way or the other, we are (however) not saying you must be engineers” added Ali, who also holds the title Galadiman Ankpa, “because if all of us do the same thing in the world,the world will be boring” he emphasized.

He pointed out that there are however people with latent capacity to be engineers. And spotting this capacity varies. Among them is the love for mathematics. Some people will defile even sickness to attend mathematics and science class.

;I am not saying you must all be engineers, I am saying if you love it and loves it so dearly, please study hard and the sky is your limit.’ He couselled.

He espoused the virtues of cleanness and promise a new set of complete uniform to all the winners of the competition while urging young people to endeavour to be role models and ambassadors of the community and the country.

‘I wish you well and I wish your parents encourage you for you to become what you wish to become in life.’ He concluded.

Early before the the Alh Eje or Akpa had shared the traditional kolanut and praised Engineering community and people who had come far and away to give hope and future to the children in the community as well as others.

The APWEN also honoured some distinguished engineers at the event among which are the first female and first Northern National Chairman of Nigerian Institution of Civil Engineers, Engr Aishat Umar. The North Central Female engineers role models were also recognised at the event.

Earlier, the President of the Association, Engr Felicia Agubata had spoken on the efforts APWEN in collaboration with NNPC at inspiring generation of girls to take up science and develop their latent skills from primary schools. She spoke to the gathering on the past editions which had gone through all the six geopolitical zones.

About “Invent it Build It’

Invent it Build it is a collaborative programmes of NNPC/APWEN designed to get more girls into Science, Engineering and technology. Initiated under the leadership of Engr. Mrs. Felicia Agubata with the overreaching objective of igniting passion for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in young girls and to showcase the socio-economic value and application of engineering in everyday life.“The target group is girls aged 8-10 years (classes 5 and 6) in the upper primary school in Nigeria. APWEN’s Invent It, Build It programme has been hosted in the five geo political zones in the country with the maiden edition held in Misau, Bauchi State in April 2018.”

APWEN/NNPC girls in engineering Empowerment goes to North Central as COREN President is hounoured



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