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COREN Act Amendment: Young Engineers React

Following the announcement of the signing of the amendment of COREN act by the president Buhari, the young engineers have joined the conversation as many of them reacted to the news.

Of more specific is the section detailing the posting of Graduates of engineering to schools during the mandatory NYSC year and the capacity building of the engineers.

The act as amended stipulated thus:

“On NYSC, the Amendment states:
(14) (i)‘’The Directorate of the National Youth Service Corps shall ensure posting of graduate engineers and technologists to places of relevant professional engineering experience.
(ii) Pursuant to the provision of subsection (i), the Directorate of National Youth Service Corps shall communicate the location of graduate engineers and engineering technologists to the Council.’’

Below are the young engineers responses as monitored by our correspondences, Charlie Samuel and Adesina Peter.

‪It is a good one:Capacity building for young engineers by attaching them to expatriate engineers on key projects and also through the NYSC posting of graduate engineers. to places of relevant professional engineering experience. It is now up to COREN and the relevant enforcement bodies to ensure that the aims of brilliant piece of legislation is achieved.

-Ebuka Chukwumaobi

First and foremost, I sincerely appreciate Engr. Kashim Ali, FNSE and the President of COREN, COREN Executive Members, NSE and all Senior Engineers for making this struggle a reality. Thanks to Mr. President for signing the act into law.

Today, I am happy because engineering which is the pivot for national development has taken a new dimension where NYSC engineering graduates will now be posted to engineering firms. This will give these young engineers an industrial experience and exposure to real engineering world. This is the basic of engineering. When we get it right at the ab initio, we will soar like an eagle in Engineering. Secondly, engineering firms are now mandated to train young engineers without rejection.

– Michael Lelecy Yahaya

Am overwhelmed too. I just recently had my POP but as an engineer and no industrial experience gained through out the the year. I believe this will benefit many others coming and prevent them wasting one year on vocation that has isolate their professional interest.

-Fatsuma Ado Saleh:

It’s indeed a beautiful thing that has been done for young engineers where they are given the opportunity to have that hands on experience & this will further help in developing our country as the young engineers will have technical proficiency to build on.

-Ifeoma Ozuome

This is the first phase of Victoria acerte for the engineering profession. The second phase is that of implementation.
Further more enabling environment for new Engineering firms/companies should be encouraged this will help to accommodate more engineering interns…
Our profound appreciation goes to God almighty, the president of the Federal republic of Nigeria and the executive of Coren and NSE as well as anyone that in one way ensured that this is a reality. I perceive a new breath for engineering and Nation building at large.

– Praise

I’d say it’s a step forward. In fact, it’s several steps taken all at once. Indeed the the leadership of COREN deserve commendation for seeing this through. History will judge them kindly. Still, I think, we are not exactly limited in Nigeria by absence of laws. Question now is: isCOREN ready to step on some toes, small and mighty?

– Ita Kufreabassi

I strongly commend the efforts of the leadership of NSE and COREN who cultivated and nurtured this ACT to fruition. It’s indeed not only the birth of higher order Engineering success but also a new path on our progress as a country, premised on the notion that a Nation can only rise as far as it’s Engineering Competence.

I’ll also like to also add that in the interim this only exists in the realm of idealism, but I believe we are all very optimistic to see how the outcomes play out from today and the months to come, then can we truly say that we do not only own the largest Engineering force in Africa but we are the exceptional champions of it.

-Innosuccess Ogwuche

This is a nice development, I am happy and I believe this step will spur up movement for further development in Engineering. We must all understand that one thing is to make a law another thing is for the law to be enforced… As good as this amendment is, if it is not properly followed up/managed, it could lead to ‘curse’ instead of ‘blessing’. What do I mean? There are some Engineering firm that has nothing to offer, the only thing you do there as a Corps members is to sit down the whole day doing nothing, so the best thing to do before the one year mandatory service is to plan well, and have well spelt goal on what you intend to achieve… NYSC is a scheme where the government will pay you a stipend for one year just for to plan your future, you would get a break from pressure and stress of school, but this will only last for a year.
NSE and COREN should please see the need to enforce this as I strongly believe they would be granted the power to do so, ‘if not been given already’. NYSC should be carried along. Before now there has been a Memorandum of Understanding on ground but some state will claim that their greatest need is education, some state do not have capacity to absorb the large number of graduate Engineers, take for example in Nasarawa (where I currently serve) the only Engineering related firm is the Ministry, truth be told few of us that have our PPA here are tired already… Yes, we also have OLAM Farm, but they are work in progress . But beyond every reasonable doubt, Engineering is already getting it’s recognition and this is a pointer that something greater is coming our way.


compiled by Charlie Ubong Samuel, Adesina Peter

President Buhari Signs COREN Act Amendment Bill, Grants COREN more powers


  1. No doubts, this is a landmark and sign of greater things ahead. COREN and senior colleagues deserve commendation for the effort. The ideal situation is for administrative and financial independence. This should be done by defining Engineering as solely responsible for accidents, death, and injury as well as other harms incured from technology related activities around the country. This should be so because it is technically so and the lay-person out there sees and believes it that way.
    Another amendment we should put in our minds is Engineering Community Development Service (ECDS). Their aim is to document the various technologies used or needed in their immediate communities of deployment. Such could be the way they process their food or store grains. How do they treat the sick and invalid? Do they need a bridge or how should their road be constructed to impact less on such community? What technologies do they need to deliver cheap but quality education to the rural poor? As well as so many other areas – like alternative telecommunication method that relies less on things that are not locally available. This should also form part of their assessment when they need to register with COREN.
    For those who think it is a sin to be deployed to virgin grounds, your creative and innovative attributes are being tested. Just because an Ingenier was deployed to an nonengineering intensive primary assignment is not an excuse. It bears on you responsibility to see how your engineering skills fit into their routine. There are situations where people were deployed to schools, they exploited some opportunities in the time-table and curriculum to start teaching pupils how to make Parachutes, Gliders, and simple electric motors – engineering abstractions.
    Finally; wherever these corps members are deployed, their security should be paramount. God bless Nigerian Ingeniers!


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