The Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers, NIMechE has announced plan for its 10th Anniversary edition of Journal of mechanical Engineers. The was made by the National Chairman, Dr. Ejilah Robinson, recently.

According to him, the Journal of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers (JNIMechE) is ten years old and in celebration of the tenth anniversary of consistent production of the Journal, The 2019 editions will be SPECIAL editions -i.e. months of March and September.

He therefore invited interested professionals and academics with well researched papers who intend to featuring in the special edition to submit their papers to You can read editor in-chief at 08037196213.


Objective of the Journal
The Journal which strives to bridge the gaps between Research and Development and practical application of Engineering knowledge publishes well researched, original quality articles which report advances. The articles may include general surveys, critical reviews and Engineering training with cases studies.

Guidelines to Authors
1. Language: The journal Language is English and all articles should be submitted in English Language
2. Manuscripts: Must be original, concise and typed in single column, double space on one side of A4 paper using Times New Roman 12 pt (AC) font not exceeding 10 pages.
3. Title page: Should contain the title of the paper which should not be more than 10 words names and address of the authors(s). Paper title should be centered in bold and Times New Roman 14 Pt (AC) font ) all caps.
– Author’s names in centered (first name, middle name (initial) Surname). Leave 1 blank space between title and authors name.
– Affiliation and complete mailing address of all authors-leave 1 blank space between names and affiliations
4. Abstract: Paper should contain an abstract of not more than 200 words. Leave 1 blank space between address and abstract.
5. Keywords: 4 or 5 keywords should be provided. Leave 1 blank space between abstract and keywords
6. Indicate in Italics date paper accepted (Accepted “blank space”) leave 1 blank space between keywords and this line.
7. Heading: All major headings should be centered and in bold Tms Rmn 14 pot (Ac) font. Leave 2 blank spaces between major heading (sections)
8. Subheading: Subheading should be in lower case bold and left side justified leave 1 blank space between subheading and text.
9. Table and Figure: Should be numbered in Arabic numeral with brief title on top in case of tables and below in case of figures. Tables and figures must be mentioned in the text. Leave 2 blank spaces between the text and the figure, 2 blank spaces between the figure and its caption and 2 blank spaces between text and table. Tables and figures should be placed as close as possible to the relevant text.
10. Equations: Should be numbered in Arabic numeral (1, 2, 3 etc). They should be indented and right justified.
11. Quotations: Should be in standard form
12. Symbols and Abbreviations: Should conform to international standard
13. Units: Should be in S. 1
14. References: All references made to earlier publication should be indicated at the appropriate position in the text and should be listed alphabetically at the end of the manuscript under Reference.

Reference should conform to the APA Referencing Styles and should be indicated in the text by author’s last name and year of publication e.g (Momoh, 2005), (Momoh et al, 2005) or Momoh (005), Momoh et al (2005). Reference in the text should be chronologically organized starting with the earliest to the most recent. Typical examples of arrangement of reference for different types of publication which should be followed are given below:

Momoh, O. A (2005) Maintenance Cost Reduction Strategies in a Refining and Petrochemical Plant. Journal of Engineering Technology and Industrial Application volume 2 number 1, pp. 21-25
Authored Books
Hillier F. and Lieberman G. (2001) Introduction to Operation Research 7th Edition, New York, McGraw Hill
Edited Books
Nakajima, S. Yamashima, H., Kamaji C. and Toyota, T. (1992) “Maintenance Management and Control”, In Handbook of Industrial Engineering 2nd edition edited by Salvendy, G. John Wiley and Son U. K, pp 1927- 1986
Non Edited Proceeding
Momoh, O. A (2007) Continuing Professional Development of Engineering Lecturers for Production of High Quality Engineering Graduates Proceeding of the International Engineering Conference of the Nigerian Society of Engineers, Abuja, Nigeria Pp. 66-70.

Note: The decision of the Editor-in-Chief regarding acceptability of an article for publication in the journal is final. Articles are accepted for review with the understanding that the same article has not been published elsewhere, is not being considered for publication elsewhere, has not been submitted to any other journal and all the authors have accented to the submitted to Journal of the Nigerian Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

If the articles are accepted for publication, the author is to transfer copyright of the article including the right to produce the article in all forms to Journal of NIMechE. Authors are to note that their accepted papers will be printed from the CDs they provide. Once the correct soft copy is submitted for printing, it cannot be revised. Therefore authors are advised to take care and diligently prepare the paper with particular attention to grammar, spelling, language, number and logic.



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