There is a Strong Correlation between Confidence and Competence…

However statistics makes us to know that Correlation does not equate Causation, so in as much as competent person would likely be confident DOES NOT necesarily mean that a person who is confident is competent!

In fact these days, Social Media has made a whole lot of people to become arrogant in their ignorance. They seem to have an opinion on everything (even if it is copy and paste) including issues they don’t know nothing about. Sadly they command followership and influence because of the confidence they display in their posts and large bunch of lazy people that depend on others to think or research for them!

Albert Eistein once said: “Only two things are infinite; the Universe and Human Stupidity. And I am not so sure about the former ”

This 2019, avoid the bandwagon effect, be wary of getting involved, providing a platform or broadcasting stuff you have not confirmed or know little or nothing about.

Apply more Critical Thinking when you read posts and listen to people!

So in Business, Politics, Religion, Relations and Others….ask questions, be less sentimental:

-Dwell on facts and figures,

– Ask for sources,

– Demand for reference and links to their statistics,

– Check the source and also make use of alternate sources

– Always check the date of the sources

– Put them in contextual perspective

– Request for evidences

– Never use an exception as the rule

– Think outside your own culture, background or environment

– Determine if there are assumptions (statements without proof or evidence) and challenge them

– What personal experience or qualification(s) has the person got about the issue?

– Also ask your self if the reasons given are good enough for their assertions,

– Who will benefit ultimately at the end could also determine if there is bias

– In summary, be more curious, use your your God given Brain the more especially on issues that will determine your present and future situation!

Lastly, because someone speaks English fluently does not imply the person is Intelligent…it is just a language like myriads of others all over the world.

Prominence Does Not Equate Importance!

– abiodun adetula @acceltage consulting


  1. Spoken with confidence… I agree with you on so many points such as we making sure we really understand what we take in as fact from influencers…. People are selling jagons this days Oo…


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