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Live Your Life And Leave A Legacy as an Engineer By Athan Oparaji.

Life is an interesting journey. A race we must finish despite its huddles and challenges. To some the race starts on a smooth ride while to others it might start with you finding yourself in the maze. I have come to realise that life makes no comparison because we all are not born the same time. Life doesn’t give us the same parameters to live and operate with. We move and live on different slopes with disparity in operating conditions and envelopes. So, the question now is why the comparison? Please! Live your life.

However, wherever or whatever life deals you with, you start from there because that is where your race begins. The paramount thing is for you to be the best you can be, and give back to the world by leaving a legacy. You must have a basis. Look inwards and discover what you have, what you can do,the things that give you happiness. All these you bring into focus towards your journey of life.

Living a life is not always a free ride on a roller coaster. Living your life is not always moving on a smooth curve where you accelerate the longing path of happiness. Even the rich and mighty understand this fact I tell you. We all have been in the sinusoidal path of life where everyone experiences high and low moments of life as written in this interesting article:. But we have to be successful in whatever we do. Success is not necessarily accumulation of wealth but I think a successful man is one who sets his targets of what he wants to achieve and meets them.Mind you, targets are on different levels.

Once you try to have the basic needs of life: food,clothing and shelter for you to live, you’re living a successful life and you’re having a good race. And once you meet these requirements I think you should start giving back to the world because no one lives on the island.We all need one another to live a seeming perfect world.

So, wherever you find yourself in the pyramid of life you have a contribution to make life a better place. No matter your position in the social, economic, cultural or co-operate class you have a legacy you must leave behind as an engineer. After all, I have proved engineering as the study of life being a global profession. So,if engineering is your passion, engineer the future. If singing is your interest, sing to humanity. If teaching is what you love, teach to mankind. If it’s writing you cherish, write to inspire the world in any little way you can. Put a smile on someone’s face,the world needs you.

Therefore, here comes the question: ‘Of what use are we to the world if we don’t leave a legacy’?.

Ikenna Athan Oparaji is a creative picturesque writer, poet, chemical engineer and currently an asset integrity engineer@ Liquid Energy Global Services Ltd. You can connect with him on Instagram/Twitter @AthanOparaji. Email: ikeathans4success@yahoo.com


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