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Colombian Professor designs a bag to keep fruits fresh for up to 60 days

The environment and the chemical properties of each fruit are factors that influence how they mature. Cesar Sierra, a professor of the Department of Chemistry at the National University of Colombia (UN), designed a bag that allows preserving the fruit’s freshness for up to 60 days. This allows the fruit to maintain its taste, taste, and aroma, among other things.

The Royal Academy of Engineers chose Professor Sierra’s creation among other initiatives of entrepreneurs from Brazil, Mexico, Peru and Colombia, and awarded him with the ‘Leadership in Innovation Award’.

The recognition of this bag and the applicability of its technology represents a great advance for the producers and exporters of tropical fruits of Colombia, as it promotes its commercialization and supports the national industry because it can be produced in the country at an estimated price of $300 pesos per bag, which is very accessible.

This new bag is very similar to a conventional bag, but its components contain physicochemical characteristics that allow it to modulate the production of ethylene, the gas that produces the ripening of the fruit, and to control the dehydration process that occurs during the fruit’s storage and transport.

Professor Sierra patented his design at the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce. One of its main materials is a low density polyethylene that is produced by Ecopetrol.

Since each fruit has different biochemical characteristics, researchers must develop specific packages for them, so far they have bags for gulupa and bananas.

“Professor Diego Torres, who was part of the Directorate of Research and Extension at the Bogota campus, and Aida Fuquene, told us about this bag, and we thought it was a good opportunity to develop the idea,” said Juan Sebastian Monroy, a student of Mechatronics Engineering and leader of the process of creating a spin-off of this packaging for tropical fruits, a company that expects to market the bags in the future.

Source: agronegocios.co


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