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It’s time we stop waiting for someone to come and make that change by Lawal Oluwasheun Richard

Lawal Richard Oluwasehun

Text of Address By the New Administration of NIMechE NSF Mr. Lawal Richard Oluwaseun 

“It’s time we stopped waiting for someone to come and make that change, rather we become the change we so desire.”

I want to firstly give thanks to God for this opportunity to serve in the capacity of the National President of The Nigerian institution of Mechanical Engineers~National students Forum (NIMechE~NSF). I wonder what else is the essence of man than to serve humanity and leave the world better than you met it. I want to also thank the National Chairman Nigeria institution of Mechanical Engineers (NIMechE) Engr (Dr.) Ejilah Robinson for his continuous interest and support to the National Student Forum and Engineering. I want to also appreciate the immediate past President of NIMechE~NSF Aalo Emmanuel and the immediate past excos for how far they have gone and how much success they have achieved so far.

A new administration for NIMechE~NSF has gone into motion after the inauguration on Thursday 24 October 2018 and our intention is to raise the bar and build an institution that will be the center of attention and emulation to other institution. Our primary aim is to build a bridge across all Mechanical engineering campuses in Nigeria and also build strong link between the students and the professionals. This will create opportunities for mechanical engineering students to challenge and motivate themselves to greatness and also bring out the innovation in them with the guardians and mentoring of the professional body.

As it is known, “no great achievement has ever been achieved anywhere in the world by a single individual”. So, it will take the contribution of every one of us to make it work. This present executive is inviting mechanical engineering students across higher institution in Nigeria to participate in achieving this great task. NSF is a membership driven organization, so there’s no NSF without you. You are the engine on which NSf will run. We also seek the support of our chapter chairmen and student chapter leaders, your essence can not be ignored. Also very important, we are asking for the full and effective support of the professional body. If the students are the engine then you the professionals are the fuel. I want you to understand that the extent of our success will depend largely on how much of your support we can get. Please reach out to us and we will not betray your confidence.

The journey of a thousand miles they say begin with a step. I am taking the first step now and I know more steps will follow, not just my step but all our steps together in union. Thank you and God bless us.

LAWAL Richard Oluwaseun
President NIMechE NSF


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