The Institution of Mechanical Engineer (IMechE), United Kingdom has given a nod of approval to the NIMechE’s request to collaborate with her on a wide range of professional programmes and activities.

The No. 1 Birdcage Walk, Westminster, London, international headquarter of the Institution conveyed its approval in a mail routed through the Chairman, IMechE Nigeria Young Members Section, Engr. Emmanuel Ikpatt, and addressed to the NIMechE National Chairman, earlier in the month of October, 2018.

In the cheery communication, IMechE noted with delight NIMechE’s decision to extend its hands of professional friendship to its Nigerian Chapter of IMechE, and is optimistic that a working relationship between both professional engineering institutions will undoubtedly transform Mechanical Engineering profession within Nigeria and beyond. The Nigerian Chapter of the Institution thanked NIMechE for furnishing them with its action plan and other working documents, and that will enabled IMechE identify some quick-wins, upon which a robust collaborative platform will be built to the mutual benefit to both organisations.

The IMechE response came on the heels of an earlier correspondence done to her by NIMechE, and seeking collaboration to strengthen its institutional and professional capacities in the following areas:

a. To assist NIMechE set up an Enterprise Development Advisory outfit for young engineers, to provide access to information, opportunities, knowledge and networks for training, and development to support the growth ambitions of young mechanical engineers in their quest to create wealth and build sustainable livelihoods through development and commercialization of research and engineering products.
b. To expose young Nigerian mechanical engineers and students, to cognate skill acquisition training and professional development opportunities, and also enhance their employability through shared continuing education and training programmes.
c. To assist in developing and promoting research and innovation activitities for NIMechE.
d. To partner in developing critical grant seeking capacities for NIMechE, for the purpose of attracting funding and support for various professional activities.
e. To provide a convenient and enabling platform for Nigerian Mechanical Engineers seeking to charter with IMechE, UK.
f. To assist in areas of library support and development through donations and subscriptions of books, journals and proceedings on relevant mechanical engineering information that could be beneficial in bridging the knowledge gap between Nigeria and UK.
g. To collaborate in areas of funding, scholarship provisions and postgraduate studies and internship fellowship training for NIMechE members.
h. To partner and encourage NIMechE’s participation in international IMechE events, and also explore avenues for co-sponsoring NIMechE professional activities, such as; conferences, mentorship trainings, and institutional and policy development programme(s) amongst others.

The NIMechE National Chairman, Engr. Dr. Robinson I. Ejilah has reaffirmed NIMechE’s decision to embrace the new-found collaboration ‘heart and soul’, as it is critical for building synergy between the Institutions, and also usher-in new perspectives to make a greater impact in engineering professionalism, and promote the visibility of their brands.

IMechE UK, was formed in 1847, and had the engineer and inventor George Stephenson – fondly referred to as the ‘Father of Railways’- as its first president. He is noted for his pioneering role in rail transport development as one of the most important technological inventions of the 19th century, and a key component of the Industrial Revolution. The Institution has held on tenaciously over the years to its mission as the foremost authority in Mechanical Engineering, supporting a global Engineering Community, by matching words with action in driving its strategic objectives of developing engineers, promoting engineering, informing opinion, and encouraging innovation to date.



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