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Understanding the Dynamics of Success By Athan Oparaji

Success is when your preparation meets your objectives. It is the expectation of a function of a preparation. It’s not an accumulation of wealth neither is wealth a success. Wealth can be a means to the end of success but not the end itself.

To succeed in life,to get a desired output that we want,we have to change our input feedstock to get the desired change of result in output. This is my experience as a chemical/process engineer as I have said in one of my articles that engineering is the study of life.

To some,to succeed at a desired goal, may take a little while but to others, it may take more time. We all are unique and created for different assignments with different operating conditions and envelops . We go down to go high and that is why a ball that falls the hardest bounces back to the greatest height. So, you have to trust the process because if you see it in your mind,you can actually feel it within your palms if you believe and work towards it.

Success is an equation whose path is sinusoidal and undulating. It’s a wave defined in pyramids of high and low moments of life..It’s a failure disguised to teach you about the higher energy levels so that you don’t get stagnant on one particular level that you have arrived. After all,the journey of life as we tend to succeed is not a station we arrive at but a manner of traveling. We live and move on different slopes with disparities in the parameters of life.

“Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.You must set yourself on fire”

For instance, I have fallen out severally in this trajectory to still fall into the right places in the same equation of success and that is one reason my name is Athan. As Athan, I still rise with my name is a poem to prove my point. I’m the perfect example here. Because of this dynamics, I wrote the equation of life as a poem which can be assessed by Google. In this equation, I figured how I got the important tool that screwed me into my dream:an engineer. “My engineers” has published the article on their website.

We all have achieved success at various points and will continue to achieve it so long as we live. This is why we are human to embrace the adventures of life.

Success is not static but dynamic in nature,its life is in pyramids. You can not achieve a goal,attain a particular level of success and continue to live in plateaus. Living on a zero slope makes your life dull,not interesting.Sometimes success eludes us that we don’t recognize to appreciate it.It’s actually in existence but we misconstrue it as dormant from where we are.

The truth is that success is intoxicating. Either you flop or you elevate to the next level. It’s never static to remain on the threshold. Nothing in life is permanent. When we flop, the ability to fall back to our successful position and then rise above it is what differentiates all of us as human beings.

This dynamics of success can be explained further in my poem: The circle of life by Athan Oparaji. You can read it on Google Search.

Finally, according to Arnold H. Glasow in his quote :”Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion.You must set yourself on fire”. Being the chemical engineer who knows more about combustion techniques,I have published a poem in allpoetry.com why we must burn to light the world.

Athan Oparaji is a poet, creative picturesque writer,chemical engineer and currently an Asset Integrity Engineer at Liquid Energy Global Services Limited. He can be reached at ikeathans4success@yahoo.com


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