Andrew Ezekwe: Imagination Rules the world and Nigeria Engineers should learn to imagine and think outside the box
Wow! Interesting. This post is not to disparage first class. But, what the post depict are reality check of what goes on in the University of life (hard knock). Which is quit different from the school system of university where people are been rewarded for their memory and not imagination.
In life, the C students succeed better than the “efiko” and the geeky A students because of the psychological theory of Compensation Learning. YOU SHOULD BE AT AN ADVANTAGE BECAUSE OF YOUR DISADVANTAGE.
In the words of Kanye “everything you’re not makes you everything you are”. Just like a blind man can hear better than you, most successful people broke through because they had to learn and get better at something else, since they didn’t have what others had.
Do you know that the Forbes List has more dyslexics and college drop outs than graduates? (including Richard Branson, Ellen DeGeneres (of Ellen Show), Ralph Lauren, Bill Gates, Abramovich, Mark Zuckerberg etc).
LBS and Harvard always takes a pause when Dangote is invited to teach business. The former USA presidential aspirant, Senator McCain graduated 894th out of 899th, and Abraham Lincoln dropped out too.
Bishop Oyedepo, a third class graduate owns a school, and Tony Elumelu founded a bank.
Warren Buffet at 14 was concentrating more on accumulating over 400 acres of farmland that he later leased to his “A” grade classmates.
That’s why you went to school, read (or cheated) to get good grades so that your “street-smart” boss can employ you to work your life away.
Wake up… there’s something missing. School and your regular theory is failing. There are more practical concepts to succeed.
Happy Ramadam to my great and wonderful moslems engineers in the house. May the blessings that comes with Ramadam be ours.


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