Dear Respondent

The quantity and adequacy of infrastructure owned by a nation bears direct impact on the social economic and environmental well-being of the people.
It therefore becomes important to have a basis for evaluating/monitoring progress of development of this important national asset in order to guarantee continuous improvement on a sustainable basis.
This survey, sponsored by the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) seeks to provide a scorecard system for measuring and reporting the progress recorded by progressive governments on the development and management of the Nigerian national infrastructure.
As a key stakeholder in this important endeavor, I now have the honor to invite you to participate in this survey in order to give your view and perception on the current state of development of this infrastructure with a view to providing a basis to track the progress and compare current provision with counterpart facilities in order climes.
This survey platform will remain open until 30th June 2015 after which data compilation and analysis will commence. Outcome of the survey will be presented in form of the Annual NSE Infrastructure Scorecard to be presented to the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to guide the national agenda for implementation. The report shall also be presented at the forthcoming NSE conference scheduled to take place in November 2015. All members are encouraged to attend.
Please find below the link to participate in the Nigeria National Infrastructure Rating Assessment Questionnaire.
I sincerely count on your support and participation in this survey to enable the society put across our professional views across to the government on this important subject of infrastructure development and management as a key driver of our national development.
I would be pleased to answer any questions you may have about the survey, by email to
Yours truly,
Engr. Ademola Isaac Olorunfemi, FNSE


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