Dear Sir,
It is with great honour and humility that I write you this open letter on behalf of the teaming population of the engineering family in here, who might not have the opportunity in meting you in person to convey their intent and purpose as regards the challenges the engineering body is facing and how it is affecting them in pursuit of their engineering career. But, have resorted to the engineering forum such as this social media for the Nigeria Society of Engineers to air their views, seek redress and way forward in harmonising the engineering profession geared “toward a better engineering profession”; for a better tomorrow and for posterity, while leaving a foot print for the generation of engineers yet unborn.
Sir, it is our utmost believe that you and your executive council members (need not mention names) who are in this forum reading all comments in here by your subjects in the engineering family whom you lead as the president and representatives.
The engineering family in here believes and have confidence in your dexterity, acumen and the ability to lead the society which was the reason why majority of the senior engineers here voted you en mass as their leader and president to lead them to a greater and enviable platform that will be worthy of emulation by other profession.
Many has been said about the challenges facing the engineering family through this medium, which they all believes that the time of “taking in here for talking sake” is over. They all look forward to “actions and walking their talk”.
It is their believe that some of the bright mind of engineers in here who have shown a high level of intellectual prowess with respect to proposals which they have written developed can be invited for a stakeholder meeting geared toward chatting a new course for the engineering family.
More so, we admit that the NSE as a body have been doing their best in repositioning the engineering family in Nigeria. But, the challenge is that most of the people you lead don’t have an idea of what the society (NSE) has done and his still doing to solve some of this seemingly challenges facing the engineering family.
Thus, we strongly believe that since this is a social media forum of all engineers in Nigeria. It will be of interest to all that, at least bi-monthly or quarterly update of what the NSE body have been doing or has put in place to better place the engineering family in Nigeria is presented in here by any of your council members or representatives.
With these, it will repose the confidence of members knowing fully that their leaders are trying their best to reposition them. This is because NSE leadership is continuum.
To this end, we sincerely believe that the NSE leadership will hear the cries of both young and senior engineers in the engineering family by “WALKING THE TALK” and taking proactive/speedy action in tackling some of this challenges and repose the confidence back to the engineering family who has elected you as their representatives and mouth piece.

Thank you, as we anticipate a positive action towards this challenges geared toward a better, vibrant and interesting engineering profession for all.
Yours in service
A concern engineer
Engr. (Comrade) Ezekwe Andrew
Long Live Nigeria Society of Engineers



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